Dalek picture diary

This page is a photo diary of the body in various stages

Skirt and shoulder frame

Skirt and shoulders, comprising a foamboard base, illustration board skirt panels with a brass tube frame.

keyed neck twist onoff

To access the inside of the neck and dome I made this keyed twist off ring.
The neck is supported by this ring, and loops on the shoulders hold everything in place.

neck and come removal

A certain amount of precision is needed for everything to line up.
An alternative view with the ring in position.


A Dalek dome is not a perfect dome, it has an angled sides. To make the dome I used a former. I built my dome on a positive made from plaster.
The final dome was made out of paper mache. The layers varied from newspaper, kitchen roll and toilet paper. Between layers the dome was sanded.

balls ready for painting

Balls ready for painting

Painted parts

Dome painted, rings in place, eyestalk in place, plunger arm and gun arm painted,

Almost done

Mostly painted slats on shoulders. Plunger, eyestalk and balls need to be added.

Finished Dalek

All finished and on display.