Inside the windy City –

5mm square test prints

Q*bert times 3

While trying to troubleshoot the molten ball on the top row,  I had the extraction fan and lights all working. I noticed it took longer than “normal” to heat the bed. I had adjusted the heated bed temperature to be approx 100 degrees but it was slow. heating up, I thought this was odd, previously using my old mark 2 heated bed it was taking approx 18 minutes to reach 115 degrees C. Now it was taking 30 minutes to reach 100 degrees.

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Configuration time

I got the front and side perspex mounted and complete with magnets for holding in place and handles for opening and access to inside.
The next step was to power it all up and test.
I shuddered at the thought of all the configurations needed.

Filament is guided of the reel
Keep that filament straight
  • New MK3 heated bed (Aluminum printed bed)
  • New E3D V6 nozzle (size is different from V5)
  • New thermistor for the V6 hot end
  • New thermistor for the heated bed

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I should have read my horoscope.

3D printer nozzle blockages are one of those things that happen when you are not expecting it.
I had been printing with absolutely no issues for so long. Frankly I was surprised when it happened, of course it happened 60% through a 3 1/2 hour print.

I should have picked up on the signs. I had the previous 2 days printed a 4hour+ print with no issues.
I was getting over confident about printing and I was about to do another 3 hour+ print. The nagging voice in my head said “you should really do some quick maintenance, tighten the screws, change the kapton tape on the glass clean”, tighten the drive belt.

I started printing and as always I wait for a first layer print then I sat down. About 2 layers into the print I could see something was wrong. Usually when I start printing the surface of the print is smooth.

This was not smooth. There were definite filament issues. One strand was sticking straight up in the air. I stopped the print. OK, I thought, I must have missed something.

This happened 4 times with my tweaking something each time.
Eventually I realized that the print was not adhering to the kapton tape.
I got my ABS juice/glue and smeared some on the kapton tape.
Started the print and success that must have been what it was all along. The print started off as per normal after wasting half a day/ Well that’s good, it should finish OK now.

I checked after 1 hour. Great, still going.
Things went down hill fast after that. I basically changed the nozzle twice because it immediately blocked up again. Tightened the belt and changed the kapton tape, Then just after getting it all going it printed 4 pieces then my ATX power supply gave up.