A million monkeys and a million lack tables

Turns out that anything you can think of has already been done.
I was trawling around the internet and found that someone has already created an enclosure out of a Lack table and even created an Instructable for it and it dates back to 2015.


Whilst some of the ideas are the same, mine is different.

The Lack table with perspex insert
M. C. Escher has nothing on this

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I should be so Lack-y

I vent my printer outside and have noticed that my printer was taking a long time to heat the bed during the cold months of the year.
Even printing at 9.00 pm in May sometimes it is so cool outside that my prints contract enough to not stick to the bed or curl. So I was toying with the idea of enclosing the printer and wondering where I should start.


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The best laid plans of touch screens and men.

I  had a few more things to do, I wanted to paint the hinge and brackets black, but I was so excited to get it working I jumped to the configuration of the software.

Now that Octoprint has plugins and one of them is the touchUI designed for LCD touch screens etc, I went through the steps of setting up the image on the Pi. I used Jessie Lite on to an 8GB SD card.
I went back to the computer and opened a browser and put in Local.Pi and connected from the browser. The OctoPrint GUI was now visible.

I then installed the Touch UI plugin.

TouchUI set up on touch screen
Touch-UI interface setup on Raspberry Pi

The next step was to see the interface on the Raspberry Pi. This meant that the Lite in Jessie Lite was not going to cut it, I needed to run a browser, but Jessie Lite does not have X system that gives graphics.  I used the script to expand and load the X part of Jessie that was missing from Jessie Lite.

In all fairness, there was a warning that said something to the effect of loading more than Jessie Lite and it would probably not work well.

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Sir, Kernel Virtualbox, Yes Sir!

I am still using Korora Linux (and it is great) which is based on Fedora and as such I found the Linux Kernel is updated more frequently than on, say, Linux Mint.
After I upgraded to Korora 22 and I found that my Virtualbox would mysteriously stop working with this dreaded cryptic error being the reason. I could not understand why the kernel driver was suddenly not installed.

error message from VirtualBox

Kernel driver not installed

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