Sir, Kernel Virtualbox, Yes Sir!

I am still using Korora Linux (and it is great) which is based on Fedora and as such I found the Linux Kernel is updated more frequently than on, say, Linux Mint.
After I upgraded to Korora 22 and I found that my Virtualbox would mysteriously stop working with this dreaded cryptic error being the reason. I could not understand why the kernel driver was suddenly not installed.

error message from VirtualBox

Kernel driver not installed

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Korora Linux vs Mageia for 3d printing

After playing around with some KDE distros recently, I came across an article saying that Fedora was going to incorporate 3d printing software. I then remembered that I had been using Korora Linux about a year and a half ago. I downloaded it to see what it offered and was pleasantly surprised.

Whilst there were some minor issues with updating using the Apper program, it was an upstream issue that has been reported and is being worked on I used YUMex instead.

I installed Pronterface and Slic3r and it was really easy. Simple as installing from YUM. In Pronterface I clicked connect but it did not connect. I realized it was a permissions issue. I did a quick check and found that to fix it I needed to add myself to the tty group. That was all the installation configuring needed.

As for other choices, the repositories have several other 3d printer utilities that can be downloaded: skeinforge, Cura, netfabb basic are a few that come to mind.

Overall, I really like Korora KDE edition. I had no issues setting up and running 2 monitors, and I have a spinning cube desktop. Considering the age of the computer it runs pretty well.

While Mageia5 has not quite been released, using Mageia 4 I did have to go and set up Slc3r and Pronterface from GitHub. It took quite a while and it was a lot of reading to figure out if I had all the dependencies. It is mentioned that it is proposed but I am not sure if the drivers will be added to Mageia 5.

I am pretty sure when I do my next full back up and reinstall of my main computer I will be moving from Kubuntu over to Korora.

A year of Korora linux

As the 1st of July comes along, I find myself preparing for a major backup of my computer. I installed Korora 17 Linux a year ago and now it is coming to the point where support is ending.
If it were a rolling release I would have stayed and just upgraded to the newer version.
However it is based on Fedora 17 which is not a rolling release and now it is time to look around for another Linux.

My experience with Korora was not terrible. Yeah that sounds bad, but it is not meant to.

I did have to do some extra configuration at the beginning to get it to work. I do have a tri-partition and that was the reason why it took some setup.

I do not really understand SElinux it keeps randomly popping up with cryptic reasons for everything.
I do not like YUM, as it is not as nice as how it is handled on Debian distro’s.
I was ready to ditch the Korora due to the Gnome 3.4 desktop that it came with originally. But then I got Cinnamon to work and now I hardly ever use Mint.

Korora is to Fedora what Mint Linux is to UbuntuDebian. Korora gets a 8.5/10 score.
I enjoyed Korora Linux but I am on the lookout for something new, once I have finished backing up.