Turn up the base

The weather has been right and with all the issues I had with the 3d printer recently, I chose to give my printer a rest and do some painting.

Base of Dalek
Dalek Base
base and skirt
Skirt and base

Here is the base with one or two coats the paint was really soaking in.
I also managed to sand the skirt and add some coats of the nearest I could find to Army Green.It needs a lot more coats, I think I’m going to need a bigger can of paint.

A new year, a new dalek

Over the Christmas break I started work on a new scale dalek. This will be an Ironside dalek.

I have completed the base and am now in the process of strengthening it. The skirt is cut out and I need to cut some more pieces out then I will be able to glue it together.

view of finished base
Finished base

This is what the base looks like. I made only one major mistake (bottom right corner), even though I measured 4 times and cut once. I will take care of it with filler.

under the base
Underside view of the base

Here is an underside side view. I have covered the joins with newspaper to make the joints stronger

foam board bumper
Foam board bumper edges

This foam board should make everything more sturdy once glued to the underside of the base

cut out panels
All the skirt panels

I will add foam board across the joints of the skirt panels too.
Here are the panels