Chicago Tardis 2013

We had a great time at Chicago Tardis 2013 All the guests were great.
The blue light under Mini me worked great the effect was just stunning. The motors all held out and he could turn on a dime
The convention was sold out and because of this Mini-me chose to stay in his room on Friday and Saturday the crowds were just too much, but there is something about the saying “less is more” and on Sunday he drew big crowds and the attention of that annoying dog!

My thanks to Mr Dean who took some great pictures of Mini me and sent me links and use them on my blog (sorry it took so long to post them).

Dome touching the newest Dalek sport
You can only do it once for good luck
Dalek touches plunger
High plunger!
Artsy picture of Dalek
I am feeling a little queeeeesy
Photo op
I saw you move – go back one giant step
People just want to be close to the Dalek
Now for a quick dash and hopefully they will not notice I have gone
Dalek with fans
You don’t have to shout, I am the one that shouts.
Dalek with time traveller
I hope you washed the hand
Dalek hiding
Phew no one saw me


Wrong Tv show
Come near me with those probes again and I will exterminate somebody.
Rabbit ears are not cool
Ok I will be signing autographs later
Daleks and doctors
I am surrounded

OK so I am bald

Yes that’s right take a photo of  my bald spot

Busy 6 months.

A lot has happened in the last 6 months and so I am going to add some posts to catch up.
Starting where I left off November 2013 I went to Reversed Polarity convention.
Besides Mini Me there were lots of other great props and models
I was backing up the other day and found these photos. In no particular order.

This is mine and this is mine
Meeeow, it’s Novice Hame
Classic style Dalek
Convention NSD Dalek
New style Dalek
Weeping Angel
I am sure that just moved
Classic Dalek colours
classic style colours
Did not notice you there
I can almost see out of this window
War time Dalek
Put that light out can’t you see there is a war on
A cyber thing
someone will make a monkey out of you

Sonic screwdrivers @ Chicago Tardis 2012

Dalek with girl and sonic screwdriiver
Stay where you are, this sonic screwdriver is set to Dalek

Got back from Chicago Tardis a couple of days ago. I had a great time. I took Mini-Me and he trundled up and down the hallway again like last year.

man Dalek and sonic screwdriver
Want to buy a sonic screwdriver?
girl and Dalek
Please do not touch. I exterminate people who touch

Most people were happy to see him and took the opportunity to get their sonic screwdrivers out. (Ha like that really has an effect on Daleks).


Mutant operator resting
Wow I am bushed, time to take a rest
Dalek and boy Doctor
Give me your lunch money and next time I want you to do my home work

Last year it was obvious that he moved rather slowly and while he was cute and everything, he was also very s-l-o-w.
This year I chose to “update” his motor control by changing the gear ratio on the VEX chassis that I made for last year. I changed it from being high torque to more speed. I learned an important lesson. High torque works better on carpet especially when you want to turn.
If I were to make an upgrade to the VEX chassis for next year, I would add floating wheels for the front. I did not realize that having four fixed wheels does not mix well with low torque. I did not realize that it was more of a fluke that he could turn on a dime last year and due to the higher torque.

There were many amazing costumes and though I did not have a camera with me at all times, I managed to get a few pictures.

clockwork monster costume
Just like clockwork
alien costume from Doctor Who
Madame vastra
Special Dalek
Special Dalek

Mini-Me appearance was quite moving

Before we went to Chicago Tardis, I upgraded Mini-Me from being essentially a stationary Dalek to a moving Dalek.
Previous attempts had caused the Dalek to whiz down the driveway going too fast.  Then after about using it 5-6 times on carpet I heard the dreaded stripping of gears sound. The gears stripped because I tried to use a toy car and then a toy tank. Neither did very well (The tank took about 10 uses before the gears started to strip). So I upgraded to a Vex system.

My first attempt looked like this.

Basically I had a Vex kit that I purchased quite a while ago when Radio Shack were getting out of selling Vex products.

Vex motors
Not Thunderbird 7

I had the thing sitting around for the longest time waiting for the right project.
I had bought a starter kit and it came with a whole pile of metal bits, some motors and wheels. I started building the suggested base project. I made some modifications, added a battery holder and made a slight shape change to fit the pointy aspect of the Dalek innards and to hold the micro-controller receiver.

Vex motor chassis
Looking down into the skirt

I realized that really I could not program this kit as it was a starter kit. Even though they gave you a micro-controller unit they did not give you the disk or cables to actually program it, those cost $$$$. So the only things it can do is use bumper switches to stop when it hits an obstacle. But it did come with a pretty decent remote control.

The upgrade in my opinion actually worked out really quite well.
If I were doing it again I would have made him move along just slightly faster, but I think it was pretty good upgrade.

Mini-Me trip to Chicago Tardis 2011

So we went on the road trip. I was not allowed to drive because I cannot see above the steering wheel and press the gas pedal at the same time. Also I have been accused of aggressive driving. We arrived in Chicago just after noon on Friday. I hovered  down and got my badge, suddenly I was surrounded by the local talent all taking photos and wanting to be around me.

I got quite a fan girl gathering, the girl Daleks started fighting each other for my affection. To be honest it was hard to shake these youngsters off but they made me pose for this photo.

Mini-me with fan girls
“Oh, Mini-Me, you’re so dreamy”

I went in search of some more macho Daleks to hang out with and I found my cousin from the other side of the family (the side we don’t talk about much). He wanted to take me out for a night out on the town.

Blue envy
One day when your as big as me your base will glow blue too


Dalek Sec vs Time lord
You shall not pass

But we bumped into this Time Lord that would not let us pass.
I left Sec and went off on my own.

Later in line for autographs this annoying dog kept pestering me about his master.

Dalek vs K9
Are you my master? No I am a superior being. Now, stop bothering me.