Prototype ear

I have changed my approach to the Dalek ears and got some translucent filament so I could put a LED at the bottom and light.

Below are images of the ear the first being a prototype of the ear, in this design I added a tube with an opening at the bottom and an extension.
The intention was  that would fit into the dome this was my first attempt and I used regular white filament.

Ear using non translucent filament
prototype first version of the ears

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The eyes have it

As I make progress on the Dalek dome I was 3d printing a lot of bits and pieces. I had been printing with some translucent filament so it made sense to
create the eye rings. They are half scale and very thin and fragile but I think they look good.

Eye stalk rings
In some countries these may be considered currency

I had already made a prototype eye with duct tape and so I transferred the dimensions to my CAD program and redesigned the eye to be in 3 parts the cylinder section in the middle. The curved bit at the front that resembles a lens and the mini dome at the back. Continue reading “The eyes have it”

A dome of many colours (and parts)

I knew that making the dome in pieces would show the seams between the pieces. But considering I have some ~30 pieces all joined together I think the dome looks pretty good.
Here is a picture of the dome after I used acetone to join the pieces together. It is quite sturdy.

Dalek Dome

To see what things would look like I added the mesh, supports and the rings.

Rings, supports and mesh
The struts are in place, supporting the rings

I am going to use a lazy Susan to rotate the dome. How exactly I am gong to do this I am not sure.
Mini-me neck structure is a little different so I probably will not do it the same way.

Finally I added the the dome to the neck and the rings.

All together
Dry fit of dome and rings

A fit test of the emergency broadcast system and hot glue

I wanted to see how well each piece is aligning and if there is a stack-up error. A stack-up error would occur because all the parts were ever so slightly bigger by the thickness of the filament which is about 16mil or 0.4mm .
I used hot glue, which does not stick well to ABS, and try to fit and align the parts. Hot glue is also very thick and gooey.
There are several lines that go around the dome and I am using them for alignment purposes,
I still have 2 pieces to print and a few pieces to peel of the support material from. So far it looks like this.
Obviously this is only a fit test and I need to join and fill the gaps but so far things are aligning quite well.

right side view of dome
right side view
Front view
looking straight on
Alternative view of dome
top view
Dome inside view
Inside of the dome
Dome left side
left side view

Rule Britannia

Continuing with the dome that I sliced horizontally into 3 pieces.

The tip, the middle and lower sections.
Then I cut the lower section vertically into 2-4inch segments.
Because it is a dome I needed support and I chose to print it upside down so I would get a smooth edge on the bottom edge of the dome.
Finally when designing the 3d model I included the union jack to see if how it would print.
Here are some pictures of the dome front section.

Printed view
Front view

The part is upside down and this is the front view of the dome

Upside down dome segment
Not a piano or a park bench

Still upside down but the back view

Correct side up
Correct side up





This is the front view again but rotated to be right side up

No support
No support

This is with the support removed. At first I did not realise that the Union Jack actually was there. I had to remove a secondary section of support material that was over the Union Jack.
This is my first time with support material and it leaves small indentations that I will need to fix.

The pieces are slowly coming together

The dome has been split into a total of around 23-26 parts. I am going to wait until all parts are done before trying to physically glue them all together.
To be honest I’m a little nervous that it will not align correctly.
The tip of the dome is already printed.
The bottom ring area of the dome is  done. Currently this is consisting of approximately 11 pieces.
Finally I am about to go onto the mid dome area.

Ring o Dome


Dry fit of the pieces

I have dry fitted the bottom ring parts together and things seem OK, but I will not know fully until all the mid dome parts are done.

The mid section without the top cap
The mid dome area
Cad screenshot of full dome


This is how the dome looks in my CAD program