Knurled shaft indecision ended?

Looking at the details for the gun arm. It is quite complex.
I tried designing them in a 3d package and transferring them to Pepakura but I found the detail was too difficult for me to glue together without it not looking right. A full size version could probably be made much easier.
It was only when I put it on the tube and then I could see that it was off centre and so I started to think is there an easier alternative way to do this?
I started to wrap paper around the tube itself while gluing as I went along. I am not sure how well it will turn out.

paper prototype
prototype arms

I then painted it with white glue

paper prototype
White glue to set shape

The next step is to fill the angles with some filler,

Print cut and glue

Here is a screen capture of the print out. It has 15 sheets of paper however I only printed the first 12 pages.
Next I glued the template to some foam board I purchased from the dollar store.
Once dried I scored lines to match the triangles on the side of objects labeled 1-2.

Then I cut out the four pieces. Object 1-1 is ignored and was part of another idea I had.

I cut out the opening for the screen and carefully glued the edges of the front, base and back to the s shaped parts.

The pieces look like this
Pepakura printout

All rounded LCD screen holder

I have been busy with various things through the summer but one of the things I did was design the enclosure for my Raspberry Pi and the touch panel that went with it.
I used a 3D package to draw it. I exported it and imported it into pepakura.

Here is the concept drawing showing where the LCD sits. The shape was designed so that it would not be top heavy
and as stable as possible.


picture of the console
Artist concept

Painted ear

I scaled the plans and discovered one of those faux paint bottles is actually the diameter of the lights on a Dalek just needs cutting to size.
So ironically I bought 2 of these small bottles of paint from the local craft store. $1 for 2. This is the same craft store that was selling the exact same size blank bottle for $1.50 each.

paint bottle
prototype idea for Dalek ears

Got home and got rid of the paint out of the bottle, I then started to soak the label in an attempt to remove it and the glue from the bottle.

OK the label did not come off as cleanly as I expected but still a saving of $2.00 here,