Paint, sand, fill, paint sand fill

I have been busy sanding, filling and painting the DRD shell. The process started with wood filler and is now at the drywall mud stage.

The grit of the sand paper has become quite fine now and then, once it appears to be smooth, painting a matte white finish of gesso shows up the imperfections that you may or may not want to actually see. It is amazing how many there are.

Side view
Side view features


Here is the DRD side view, right before the next sanding stage. This is really the bit I do not like. Not only is it messy but it also takes so long to do.
Knowing when to say that it’s enough sanding is really hard to do. This is what it looks like. I have just added more filler and I think hope this will be my last layer of filler.

I’ve got wheels and know how to use them.

I was at the Maker Faire last year in San Francisco and usually I come away with some things from the Maker Shed. This time was no exception and I bought a motor chassis for a robot with 4 wheel drive, I just could not resist.

Anyway, I got it home and realized the metal parts were perfectly stable but the plastic bits like the wheels and motors were a bit on the cheap side. I mostly purchased it for the metal chassis so I was not too bothered.

I put it all together. The wheels are of very cheap quality it was supposed to go in my next Dalek, but I have been thinking that this could be utilized quite well in my DRD.

Wheels and Chassis
Chassis for driving DRD


So I put it all together. It really is a shame about the quality of the motors and wheels, otherwise I would have ordered several more right away. I could also be a bit premature it may still work OK, but I have not tried it yet.

Above is a picture of the modified chassis. I added a servo at the front to wobble the eye stalks. Not sure how this will work yet (or if it even will work). The chassis is really cool; it has a place to put ultrasonic detectors and servos and other sensors. I have sort of hacked mine to be ready for the DRD.
I added some aluminium bars across the bottom and the body of the DRD will sit on top of these bars. The idea is to just attach it to the underside of the shell with some nuts. My thought at first was to use some hinges then I could lift the shell up, but I realized that I was making things more complex then they needed to be.

struts for adding the chassis

Underneath look at the body shell

Here is a picture of the underside of the shell of the DRD. I hope to add AA battery packs at the front and back end of the 2 bars.

Benders shoe size is 58?

No this is not a photo of the moon….

Benders foot
Prototype intended to be Benders foot

I have got my first foot or is it shoe for Bender. It recently came out of the mould.
I used a large sieve as the mould.
The material used is instant paper mache, the type you buy from a hobby shop and looks like a brick and you just break some off paper away from the brick, add water in the proportions given and no ripping of newspaper required.
The craters will need to be smoothed out. The plan is to fill the insides with something heavy to stop him tipping over.