Turn the table

Item number 2 on my feature hit list is extraction of fumes to outside, so this is going to replace my current setup which is a window fan mounted on its side like a kitchen stove hood.

Fan mounted to push fumes down the hose.
Quick disconnect vent hose will allow easy access.

I cut a hole in the corner of the top surface of my Lack table and mounted a fan on the underside. On the top side above the fan,
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A million monkeys and a million lack tables

Turns out that anything you can think of has already been done.
I was trawling around the internet and found that someone has already created an enclosure out of a Lack table and even created an Instructable for it and it dates back to 2015.


Whilst some of the ideas are the same, mine is different.

The Lack table with perspex insert
M. C. Escher has nothing on this

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I should be so Lack-y

I vent my printer outside and have noticed that my printer was taking a long time to heat the bed during the cold months of the year.
Even printing at 9.00 pm in May sometimes it is so cool outside that my prints contract enough to not stick to the bed or curl. So I was toying with the idea of enclosing the printer and wondering where I should start.


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