Turn up the base

The weather has been right and with all the issues I had with the 3d printer recently, I chose to give my printer a rest and do some painting.

Base of Dalek
Dalek Base
base and skirt
Skirt and base

Here is the base with one or two coats the paint was really soaking in.
I also managed to sand the skirt and add some coats of the nearest I could find to Army Green.It needs a lot more coats, I think I’m going to need a bigger can of paint.

Rings and things

I started printing rings for the skirt balls. Thinking about it, I also wanted to have a way of mounting the rings. The original Mini-me used nails for some positional stability, and glue.
I thought I would do it differently this time. I created a ring with a floor in it. I will glue the ball into the ring, but for positional stability I am going to use brads, so I made a rectangular opening to allow the brad to go through.

I have to 3D print about 60 of these to cover any issues I might have.

rings for the balls
Note the cunning mounting system.

The picture shows the Styrofoam balls that I had cut and painted previously.
The hole in the centre is to allow for mounting to the side of the skirt.

Ooo, look at my skirt.

The skirt was put together over the last few days

Dalek skirt
Foam board skirt

When I made Mini-Me one of the worst parts of putting the skirt together was the lack of edge to glue the pieces to each other.
Mini-Me had a brass tube frame to hold everything together in the skirt. This was not the best success; it held but there are cracks down the seams between skirt pieces.
For this new one, I cut out the the pieces of the skirt, then stuck foam board to each one as a backing and the foam board made the pieces thicker.
I also made interlocking flaps and tags so that the foam board went over the gap. The result is that the skirt feels much stronger and a little heavier.
Here are some pictures from different stages.

foam board
Skirt assembly
skirt assembly
insert flap A into slot B
gluing the skirt
waiting for glue to dry
assembled skirt
Skirt assembled