The eyes have it

As I make progress on the Dalek dome I was 3d printing a lot of bits and pieces. I had been printing with some translucent filament so it made sense to
create the eye rings. They are half scale and very thin and fragile but I think they look good.

Eye stalk rings
In some countries these may be considered currency

I had already made a prototype eye with duct tape and so I transferred the dimensions to my CAD program and redesigned the eye to be in 3 parts the cylinder section in the middle. The curved bit at the front that resembles a lens and the mini dome at the back. Continue reading “The eyes have it”

Eyestalks fine details

I added the curved bit at the end of the eye stalk. I took the dimensions from my current eye stalk and added them into a 3d model and then exported it out of Pepakura. Then printed on to card and cut out and glued.
I want to make this keyed so that it is not all glued together but accessible at a later date.
Not sure how I will do this but it is in the fine details.

eye stalk
prototype eye

Eye stalk now looking good

Dalek eye
prototype eye

I drilled a hole and tapped into to the caster itself and drilled another hole at a 90 degree angle and threaded wire through to the eye. I originally thought that if I was able to do this then I could sort of unscrew the eye stalk for easier transportation. To be able to unscrew the stalk I need to be able to disconnect the wires but the act of unscrewing the tube twists the wires.