Skull and cardboard

Here are some pictures of my progress with the skull. It looks OK so far, but still has a long way to go.

Paper craft Terminator skull
Paper craft Terminator skull

A front view and side view.

Paper craft Terminator skull
Paper craft Terminator skull side view

I am still adding tweaks to the eye sockets, before adding the eyes. I have some wooden balls I got from the craft store which will be the eyes.
Then the nose needs some serious reshaping.
I roughed in, marked painted the indentations.
The size and dimensions are based on the paper craft T800 endo model.

Doh! It’s Bender’s head.


Bender head
Bender head fit test

I have a very basic prototype Bender head with the welding glasses and mouth.
This is only a dry fit, nothing is glued or finalized yet.
There is a lot of sanding and filling to do.
I am going to work on a suitable placement for the servo motors.
At the moment I need one for left/ right movement of the eyes as seen in a previous post.

The more I look at it the more I think it looks like Homer Simpson…..

Benders shoe size is 58?

No this is not a photo of the moon….

Benders foot
Prototype intended to be Benders foot

I have got my first foot or is it shoe for Bender. It recently came out of the mould.
I used a large sieve as the mould.
The material used is instant paper mache, the type you buy from a hobby shop and looks like a brick and you just break some off paper away from the brick, add water in the proportions given and no ripping of newspaper required.
The craters will need to be smoothed out. The plan is to fill the insides with something heavy to stop him tipping over.

A series of tubes just like the internet

Here are some pictures of the head and body of my next project.
Using some sewing loops I create a frame for the body. The body is wider at the top than the bottom so the
hoop will be removed once the glue has set.
The head will also be done in the same way using a hoop to make sure it is round.
A spacer is used to see the neck this is a dry fit.

Body size
Prototype benders body
Base of neck sized
neck size 25
head and body dry fit
Head and body above the rest

Head and body together

more pictures soon….