The L word

The  shape looked like this, next I added inserts

Frame that can be customized
Holy Customisation Batman!

It feels like designing something out of Meccano.
Maybe somewhere in my subconscious, that is why I added so many holes.
One thing I noticed was that fewer holes meant a quicker print time.

Frame joined together
L shaped pieces joined together

Then the joining piece was added. It seemed slightly wonky but still pretty sturdy.
I checked and it fits the gully around the centre of the display, with the exception of the flat cable that goes to the side of the display. There appears to be a slight twist that became more pronounced after a day or two.

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Printing from afar (Redux)

I always thought leaving the printer unattended was risky.
I have never printed overnight. Recently. I noticed that the bed was taking a bit longer than usual to heat up. Routinely I pushed in the connector to the 12 volts to make sure it is seated properly.
I noticed it was a little warm.

Was this normal, I thought?

After finishing the print I checked the connector and this is what I found.

Melted connector

The connection had been arcing and the connector had been melting.

I checked the connector and it was rated at 10A. The bed as standard would draw around 11A, Yes there might be a derating factor for a lower voltage,


I chose to change the connector for one that is not pluggable.

So I was right; is it really safe to leave a 3d printer unattended? Probably not.

Is using the internet to start a print while you are not home a good idea?
I am not even going to try!

Rings and things

I started printing rings for the skirt balls. Thinking about it, I also wanted to have a way of mounting the rings. The original Mini-me used nails for some positional stability, and glue.
I thought I would do it differently this time. I created a ring with a floor in it. I will glue the ball into the ring, but for positional stability I am going to use brads, so I made a rectangular opening to allow the brad to go through.

I have to 3D print about 60 of these to cover any issues I might have.

rings for the balls
Note the cunning mounting system.

The picture shows the Styrofoam balls that I had cut and painted previously.
The hole in the centre is to allow for mounting to the side of the skirt.

3D experiments

I created this ear to go with my Dalek dome. It was an experiment really.
It is 2 circles and 4 uprights.
Rather than using plastic glue like I did on my rings, I tried out the ABS-slurry to that was sitting in my jar. ABS-slurry is a mixture of acetone and pieces of ABS.
It was amazing, maybe I was just lucky. I used a toothpick & dabbed a little on the uprights. They stayed vertical – I expected everything to fall over but it did not.

It seems very strong and so I am now carefully going over the seams of my rings to make them stronger too.

ear cage
The uprights are almost in exactly the right orientation