Waking from my winter hibernation

A lot of great projects get sidetracked, I have been busy this winter with various items. Progress on enclosing my 3D printer has technically continued.
The making of the enclosure has slowed down but things around it have progressed, a sort of feature creep. I realized that I could make things better with a slight rearrangement in my goals.
When I reorganised the area to accommodate my larger printer. I saw an opportunity to add a cool location for my smaller Fabrikator mini printer.
It all started by fitting some shelves and that sort of snowballed.

I removed the old hood and put up a new shelf a little to the right.

Extractor fan in use
Ready for action

And the new shelf

Fabrikator Mini-printer on shelf
A new location for Fabrikator mini

The other major change was I picked some  parts and assembled a new computer and brought down my older computer to the work area because this had a better video card it seemed sensible that I got a better second LCD screen .

To enable printing to my Fabrikator mini I mounted a Raspberry Pi up on the wall and added a camera so I can see monitor it on one of my screens while I am busy doing other things.

I made a space for my fume carrying hose from my larger printer so it could be nicely sandwiched straight up the wall and the shelf. I added a power bar that I can easily access.

Fabrikator Mini -a dollar for your thoughts

My first experience printing with PLA filament using the Fabrikator-mini was very good. Just an open cylinder or tube that I created in TinkerCAD. After printing I examined the print and found the walls were unbelievably smooth and straight (it seemed better than my 3mm filament printer)

The next thing I tried to print was a coin holder keyring.
It failed badly the print shifted after a few layers. I tried again with my original cylinder found it now did the same thing.

keychain holder for Canadian loonies
Keep a loonie on your keychain

I decided to investigate and see how I could get it back to the way it printed the first print
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Setting up the Fabrikator Mini with Linux

When I ordered the Fabrikator-mini, I was not concerned too much because I had some experience with 3D printing, but of course getting things to work in Linux is always a challenge. Here are some of them.

The very nicely printed manual told me to install Repetier-host and Cura.
I added Mint 17.3 to an old laptop and installed the Linux versions of these programs only to find that Repetier-host uses Mono 4.3, but the default version of Mono with Mint 17.3 was v3.4 or something like that. I installed repository and the key to install the newer version. Then after adding the new version of Mono the computer became unstable.
After reinstalling Mint 17.3 and Repetier-host and Cura again. I tried the software without updating the version of Mono. It seemed fine.

Screw thread on circular tube
First print on Fabrikator Mini

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The same but smaller

I have been watching Chuck Hellebuyck’s YouTube channel since the beginning.
Even though I would never buy the Da Vinci 3D printer due to the filament issues, I found the Filament Friday section interesting.

Recently the focus of his YouTube channel has moved to other printers with a lot of good things being said about the Fabrikator Mini.

I waited too long and the v1.0 stopped selling. When he mentioned the v1.5 was now available I chose to buy one. It finally arrived last week.

I bought it so I could try out different ideas with different filament etc.

Giant grub screw
It looks really big when I zoom in close

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