Take the plunge!

I was thinking it would be interesting to design a 3d Printed plunger for holding a tray that would have a teacup on it.
So I designed a plunger that was sort of squished at an angle.

The arm will use a fitting from a lamp, they basically come with nuts washers and threaded metal tube, the one I will use is about a 30cm long.

3d printed plunger
Upside down view of plunger


plunger alternative view
Close up of plunger
face up view of plunger
Plunger another view

Turn up the base

The weather has been right and with all the issues I had with the 3d printer recently, I chose to give my printer a rest and do some painting.

Base of Dalek
Dalek Base
base and skirt
Skirt and base

Here is the base with one or two coats the paint was really soaking in.
I also managed to sand the skirt and add some coats of the nearest I could find to Army Green.It needs a lot more coats, I think I’m going to need a bigger can of paint.

Rings and things

I started printing rings for the skirt balls. Thinking about it, I also wanted to have a way of mounting the rings. The original Mini-me used nails for some positional stability, and glue.
I thought I would do it differently this time. I created a ring with a floor in it. I will glue the ball into the ring, but for positional stability I am going to use brads, so I made a rectangular opening to allow the brad to go through.

I have to 3D print about 60 of these to cover any issues I might have.

rings for the balls
Note the cunning mounting system.

The picture shows the Styrofoam balls that I had cut and painted previously.
The hole in the centre is to allow for mounting to the side of the skirt.

The pieces are slowly coming together

The dome has been split into a total of around 23-26 parts. I am going to wait until all parts are done before trying to physically glue them all together.
To be honest I’m a little nervous that it will not align correctly.
The tip of the dome is already printed.
The bottom ring area of the dome isĀ  done. Currently this is consisting of approximately 11 pieces.
Finally I am about to go onto the mid dome area.

Ring o Dome


Dry fit of the pieces

I have dry fitted the bottom ring parts together and things seem OK, but I will not know fully until all the mid dome parts are done.

The mid section without the top cap
The mid dome area
Cad screenshot of full dome


This is how the dome looks in my CAD program

Painted ear

I scaled the plans and discovered one of those faux paint bottles is actually the diameter of the lights on a Dalek just needs cutting to size.
So ironically I bought 2 of these small bottles of paint from the local craft store. $1 for 2. This is the same craft store that was selling the exact same size blank bottle for $1.50 each.

paint bottle
prototype idea for Dalek ears

Got home and got rid of the paint out of the bottle, I then started to soak the label in an attempt to remove it and the glue from the bottle.

OK the label did not come off as cleanly as I expected but still a saving of $2.00 here,

Eyestalks fine details

I added the curved bit at the end of the eye stalk. I took the dimensions from my current eye stalk and added them into a 3d model and then exported it out of Pepakura. Then printed on to card and cut out and glued.
I want to make this keyed so that it is not all glued together but accessible at a later date.
Not sure how I will do this but it is in the fine details.

eye stalk
prototype eye