That snapping noise is Linux coming to my Chromebook

Back in July I read the announcement that Android was finally coming to Chromebooks and I was devastated that mine was not in the list. Not even a year and a half old and it is not supported with new features. (I blame Apple and Steve Jobs for setting this precedent of holding back features on older devices so you can $pend more money and buy a new device).

A picture of the KDE
KDE desktop residing on my Chromebook. (Kubuntu)

Well, I have been using my Chromebook and was happy using it, but there have been times when I just did not have internet or wanted to do something that I can do on a real desktop or laptop computer that just was not supported by the Chromebook.

Finally one day I snapped.
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“Sabayon, you’re cut.” And now I am a KDE convert.

I had to remove Sabayon from my system. Sorry, I just had to.
It lasted until sometime in November, but eventually it was driving me nuts and I just could not take it any more.
Whilst it was not the worst Linux I ever used (I would probably pick it over Ubuntu with a unity desktop). I found I spent more time trying to configure it than using it.
Well, sometimes you have to suffer and then good things happen. On my workshop computer I installed Mageia 3. Given that the workshop computer is really old I was impressed by how fast it ran, considering it was using KDE.

I installed Kubuntu, and as per my install of Mageia on my workshop computer, I was very surprised at how it had matured, become usable and was quick to load.

The thing that drove me mad with Sabayon was the installers for packages Rigo and Entropy. There were too many manual things to remember to do. Trying to find a package in that lot was irritating. I hate it when something is stripped of all functionality in the name of being light weight and fewer buttons etc, but made it more difficult and less functional (sort of like Gnome 3 and Unity).
The final straw was when an update came through and screwed up my system. I did not pay attention to the type of update clicked OK and then it went and installed a Kernel update.
This then broke all sorts of things that were previously working. I still had not got some programs to work and I seemed to be going round in circles. I wrote previously about how I screwed up my system; well this time it was Sabayon. As I was trying to do something I needed a distro┬áthat would allow me to do that and not spend all my time trying to fix things – I need something that was better (for me).