K-9 Body

The body and head were based on the plans that the BBC released.

A piece of plywood approx 29″ x 18″ is the base everything sits on.
Then I made a frame that was the size of the body and the skin sides were cut from hardboard and glued to the frame

Body made out of hardboard
Hardboard body


Building the body of the dog took a lot of sanding and filling.

The body was painted with car spray paint.
The neck piece was made from dryer hose painted black.
The eyes were red stained glass paint on some perspex.
Some tartan material folded and glued became the collar.
I had K-9 engraved on a dog tag.
Pipe insulation painted black made the edge stripping along the bottom.
Ears are pieces of screen door attached to thick gauge wire.
Stepper motors turn the ears from side to side.
For the tail of the dog a portable VHF radio antenna.
The bellows (tail) were molded using cardboard and air drying clay.

Side view K9
K9 you want to go outside?


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