Maker Faire San Francisco

So we made our way down to the bay area at the end of May to this year’s Maker Faire.

leg extensions
Springing into action

When you see the things made here, it makes you want to go and do something yourself right away, but by the time the vacation is over and it’s back to work, you realize that there really is not enough time.

Tesla car chassis
Chassis of a Tesla. This is what you get for all that money

Notable was another type of Tesla (this time the car). Of the Teslas they had on display one had the body off. There really is not much inside those things.

This hairy beast was walking around on all fours, and was very impressive.

wild thing
Wild thing you make my heart sing

The only bad thing I would say was it was VERY crowded and it helped to stay the full day because the beginning and end of the day was the best chance to get near anything for a good view or to ask questions.

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Foster city and they looked after us very well.

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