It’s 550 miles to Chicago, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses

We just got back from a road trip to Chicago.
The trip  felt short, but really geeky, because we were driving to a science fiction convention listing to podcasts about Linux! (Linux Outlaws – the donation will be in the mail soon.)

guests at Chicago Tardis
Look over there

We went to the Chicago Tardis convention. One of the big guests of honor was Paul McGann aka the 8th Doctor. He seemed very laid back and thoughtful.

Dalek sec
First look at Dalek Sec

As always, there were long queues for photographs with props people had built.

In the main room there was a TARDIS on display and Daves Dalek Sec. The Dalek was kitted up with practically everything. It actually opened at the front and the shoulders spun 360 degrees. The Dave who built it gave a short talk about it in one of the panels (which was so popular that there were people waiting in the room even before the start of the panel). He had fitted the eye stalk with a camera so it was easier to navigate around. Used in-line skate wheels and the shoulders looked to move quite smoothly. The whole thing was maneuverable by a wheel chair cart. He did a great job.