The addiction is not satisfied

I spent the weekend updating and installing Linux on my workshop computer, amongst other things. I then turned to my EEEPC.

For a while I knew that somewhere along the way that my EEEBuntu installation was screwed up. I think that some upstream updates had come through that were not compatible with the EEE701. EEEBuntu seems to be moving away from ‘EEE’ and ‘Buntu’ and has changed its name to Aurora. Seems more ‘cloud-y’ to me and maybe not really what I want  (I will wait to see what people say).

I read some reviews, and Slitaz and Ubuntu Netbook Remix caught my attention, so I got my pendrive and loaded them up.

Slitaz was quite good but I am lazy and would need some time to get the wifi working. The thing is, whilst you can connect to the internet with ethernet you do need wifi with a netbook some of the time.

Ubuntu Netbook Remix to be honest seems like a vertical version of the ‘baby’ Xandros that came with the EEEPC701, except it also had some of the classic desktop available if you need it. The next step was to write to the internal memory card. That seemed to be easier this time around.

The one thing I find that is odd is that every time it starts up, it states that my battery is no good. I started looking for replacement batteries, since it is several years old now and it does seem plausible. However I had not seen the message prior to the install and the EEEPC and Slitaz did not mention anything about the battery. So I thought maybe I should test the battery life. I uplugged it and left it running. 2+ hours later I concluded that the battery life was reasonable for a computer that is this old.

Everything else  seems that it is working for me right now, so I will leave it for a while.

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