On my shoulders

I made some progress on the shoulders and I wanted to put the pictures up. I was thinking about a tube shape and how difficult it would be to make the shape strong.

That’s when I came up with this idea: I would make building blocks that would fit together with an area that could be glued and still resemble the tube shape.

I made several of these shapes, and then glued them to foam board. Next I sliced a line down them with a knife. The piece could then bend and become an L shape that fits into the next piece. From there I built up the side walls by placing “triangles”.

template for foam board pieces
foam board pieces
foam board pieces
Shoulder reinforcements
Building up the shoulders

Another template was made to wrap around the shoulders using duct tape and then I cut some paper to the shape of the template.

duct tape template
Duct tape skin
skin template from built out shoulders

The paper replaced the template and then I started building up the outside with foam pieces.

Curves out of foam board
Foam board pieces added to shoulders

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