A year of Korora linux

As the 1st of July comes along, I find myself preparing for a major backup of my computer. I installed Korora 17 Linux a year ago and now it is coming to the point where support is ending.
If it were a rolling release I would have stayed and just upgraded to the newer version.
However it is based on Fedora 17 which is not a rolling release and now it is time to look around for another Linux.

My experience with Korora was not terrible. Yeah that sounds bad, but it is not meant to.

I did have to do some extra configuration at the beginning to get it to work. I do have a tri-partition and that was the reason why it took some setup.

I do not really understand SElinux it keeps randomly popping up with cryptic reasons for everything.
I do not like YUM, as it is not as nice as how it is handled on Debian distro’s.
I was ready to ditch the Korora due to the Gnome 3.4 desktop that it came with originally. But then I got Cinnamon to work and now I hardly ever use Mint.

Korora is to Fedora what Mint Linux is to UbuntuDebian. Korora gets a 8.5/10 score.
I enjoyed Korora Linux but I am on the lookout for something new, once I have finished backing up.

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