I got a Raspberry Pi, now I need a suitable distro for a touch screen

I installed Raspbian before Christmas & I thought I should update the distro seeing that there was a newer version dated Feb 2013.

The touch screen finally came and I plugged it in and the display worked but the touch screen did not.
I was about to send an email to their tech support, when I thought I could try another distro.

I found a utility called Berry Boot that allows you to multi-boot several different Linux distros and makes it much easier to install several distros on the same SD card and try them.

So I started adding distros to a SD card: Raspbian, Puppy, RaspRazor and Sugar. There was also an update for Berry Boot, & a newer version of Raspbian. Wow now the touch screen works!
Now that I had a working touch screen, my criteria sort of changed and there was always something that prevented a given distro from being chosen.
The criteria I had were
1) icons on the desktop
2) one click to start a program
3) ablity to access my network smb drive
4) no login screen.
5) the ability to increase the toolbar or desktop fonticon size to “finger size”

My thoughts for my kitchen computer is sort of a kiosk computer where there is no physical mouse or keyboard.
I’m also looking at Arch, Raspbian, Puppy, RaspRazor, Pidora, PiBang, Bodhi, with various desktops like E17 XFCE and Openbox
Right now I have PiBang – XFCE riding over top of Openbox. It seems like the front runner


    • When I got the touch screen most of the Pi distro’s at the time did not support touch screens or limited support.
      About 2 months later the Raspbian distro had an update and started to support it. That was about a year and a half ago. I was working on the software for the interface and then the project got put to one side. One of the issues I had at the time was I wanted to turn the back light off when not in use and the driver did not support multi-touch.
      Now that there is an official touch screen for the Pi times have changed you should have less issues getting things to work, the resistive touch screens should just work using Raspbian. If you have capacitive like mine it should still work except multi touch may need more work.


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