Chicago Tardis 2013

We had a great time at Chicago Tardis 2013 All the guests were great.
The blue light under Mini me worked great the effect was just stunning. The motors all held out and he could turn on a dime
The convention was sold out and because of this Mini-me chose to stay in his room on Friday and Saturday the crowds were just too much, but there is something about the saying “less is more” and on Sunday he drew big crowds and the attention of that annoying dog!

My thanks to Mr Dean who took some great pictures of Mini me and sent me links and use them on my blog (sorry it took so long to post them).

Dome touching the newest Dalek sport
You can only do it once for good luck
Dalek touches plunger
High plunger!
Artsy picture of Dalek
I am feeling a little queeeeesy
Photo op
I saw you move – go back one giant step
People just want to be close to the Dalek
Now for a quick dash and hopefully they will not notice I have gone
Dalek with fans
You don’t have to shout, I am the one that shouts.
Dalek with time traveller
I hope you washed the hand
Dalek hiding
Phew no one saw me


Wrong Tv show
Come near me with those probes again and I will exterminate somebody.
Rabbit ears are not cool
Ok I will be signing autographs later
Daleks and doctors
I am surrounded

OK so I am bald

Yes that’s right take a photo of  my bald spot

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