Long cold winter

During the long cold winter I spent some time coding.
I continued with my kitchen computer project.
First I chose to stick with Raspbian.
I chose to give up on Python and I am using Lazarus to program the kitchen computer.

I tried and tried to use Python but it was just too awkward to use for a GUI.
I switched to Lazarus and within a few hours I had the frame work for the interface. It is not finished and there is still some way to go.
I was able to load this portion on the Raspberry Pi and confirm that the buttons were accessible. The only issue I have right now is that the radio buttons are very small and quite close together.
Like all projects, I added more things. It is going to keep track of food for reordering when we are getting low, and I started to add a couple of timers. Now I think it might be too complex, so I need to go back and revisit it.

This is where things came to a stop.

My project got put on hold because I signed up for some EDX courses and that took a good chunk of 3 months. I actually took on too much all at the same time. I finished one course and the other is open until Dec 2014. I am just auditing them but it is fun to do.

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