The monitor also rises

Looking to solve my monitor issues,
I downloaded Kubuntu which I use on my main PC. At the same time I chose to download Manjaro Linux.
I added their ISOs on to DVDs and loaded the live view.
First up Manjaro KDE edition the screen settings gave me the option to have two screens and two separate resolutions.
Kubuntu the experience was he same as Manjaro.
Manjaro KDE 1
Kubuntu KDE 1
Linux Mint KDE 0
I installed Kubuntu to the hard drive. Configured the base software.
I was not informed that there was no desktop effects available like Mint Linux.
Kubuntu KDE 1
Linux Mint KDE 0
While doing this I thought I should install Manjaro on the second hard drive and give it a chance.

Installing Manjaro was OK the software told me it was beta but it worked OK.
I was informed that there were updates available (>100 packages). I checked what was available in the repository. I was surprised I searched for a number of items but was not really able to find anything. There were 3 search options one did not even change the output at all.
Then I chose to update and 90 minutes later it was still updating. Now slow internet was not the issue that bugged me it was the fact that only the current item update progress was given. I had no idea where I was in the whole chain of updating was I near the middle or the end. I could have gone through and tried to count them but why?
Finding packages and installing software.
Manjaro KDE 0
Kubuntu KDE 1
Kubuntu was the clear winner for me. But I was still sort of missing Mageia.
These were all first impressions.

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