The eyes have it

As I make progress on the Dalek dome I was 3d printing a lot of bits and pieces. I had been printing with some translucent filament so it made sense to
create the eye rings. They are half scale and very thin and fragile but I think they look good.

Eye stalk rings
In some countries these may be considered currency

I had already made a prototype eye with duct tape and so I transferred the dimensions to my CAD program and redesigned the eye to be in 3 parts the cylinder section in the middle. The curved bit at the front that resembles a lens and the mini dome at the back.

I was never really happy with the lighting because of a lack of space I had to add the LEDs on their side. LEDs typically shine from the end and not the side.
I tried to enhance the uniformity by roughing the surface with sand paper or using (helped a bit). I also tried using foil to reflect the light (not much impact).
I then thought I would print a lens to diffuse the light out of translucent filament.
(This is where I discovered it is hard to take a photo of translucent filament prints they turn out blurred).
While this sounds like a good idea it only made a minor difference. But the advantage was I could use it to mount the servo and LEDs inside the eye easily so I was happy with this.

The final result is in the last picture.

Eye with servo motor
3d printed Dalek eye
Diffuse the light
Led diffuser
3d printed dalek eye
Blue light on

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