Turn the table

Item number 2 on my feature hit list is extraction of fumes to outside, so this is going to replace my current setup which is a window fan mounted on its side like a kitchen stove hood.

Fan mounted to push fumes down the hose.
Quick disconnect vent hose will allow easy access.

I cut a hole in the corner of the top surface of my Lack table and mounted a fan on the underside. On the top side above the fan,

I added a quick detach dryer hose attachment. This will allow me to remove the hose and move the enclosure when it needs access.

Item number 3 on my feature hit list was to mount the electronics outside the enclosure.
The first thing I had to do was undress all my wires so I had some slack.
While out shopping I found a square wire management system, I cut about 18″ off. I rotated it vertically and screwed it to the chassis. Then screwed the electronics to the outside lid. I redressed all the wires so they went behind the board.

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