Fan of the all metal hot end

While making my enclosure I was looking at the hot end when I noticed that the thermistor was barely attached and was only hanging on by a thread of kapton tape. This sent shivers down my spine as I thought about how I could have had thermal runaway.
I then started to wrap the thermistor back into it’s location on the hot end. I broke the thermistor lead as it enters the glass envelope.
I started to look for another thermistor but at the same time I ordered from the UK the updated E3D v6.
I attached the replacement thermistor, thinking I would upgrade to the v6 later.
The v6 hot end uses a thermistor in a metal canister. Well after some thought (mainly about thermal runaway) I came to the conclusion that I would probably have to go and update the Marlin software anyway. I read that the newer software had a feature to prevent thermal runaway. Well if I am doing that I should check into the v6 hot end.
I looked at the E3dv5 & E3dv6, added and removed the hot end several times thought about what I would need to modify to get this done.  I found I just needed to remove some plastic that surrounded the cooling chamber.

I watched the videos about how to set up the Marlin firmware a few times and used the values that came with the printer and modified the values for the hot end thermistor etc.

Close up of the extruder
E3D Version 6 upgrade

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