Reduced to printing on a small printer

With my main printer out of action, I am now (reduced to) printing with my Turnigy (Fabrikator mini) printer. This means finding small things to print or cutting things up, so they fit on the bed.

Kapton tape covering the bed
Kapton tape covering the bed

After printing a few times I found the blue painters tape that came with the printer, made the print really annoying to remove from the bed (too much adhesion to the bed) and now was begining to look somewhat worn.

I took the bed and added kapton tape to the bed instead of the blue painters tape. From experience, I have always liked using kapton tape. This is mostly because when I started printing on my larger printer, I purchased a wide roll of kapton tape that is approx 200mm wide. (I think this will last me forever).

Kapton tape
Large roll of Kapton tape

I was concerned a little at first that the prints would not stick because the Turnigy printer does not have a heated bed, but absolutley no issues printing. I do always print with a skirt, from my observations the skirt allows the filament to flow a bit before attempting the actual print.

This will keep me happy until my big printer is back up and running.

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