Filament holder chainsaw massacre

I took a look at my printer and I started mapping out the improvements I would have to make to my printer.
The pros and cons just churn out one answer 1.75 mm filament and bowden extruder.

I ordered a left hand (and a right hand bowden extruder kit. I ordered both because I did not know which one I would need because there was no information in the descriptions that described them well,  but they were incredibly cheap. I also ordered an E3D hot end for the 1.75mm filament.

Looking at my printer in the enclosure and pictures of printers with bowden extruders I realized it would be unlikely that I could have the filament outside the enclosure anymore.
This is mostly because it would need to go through the bowden extruder and bowden tube and I did not have much height available to put the bowden extruder and stepper motor on top of the frame, so I went in search of a filament holder\roller that I could place inside the enclosure.

I cut the filament holder in half so it could print on a small bed.
Yes it was chopped in half, then joined together with a piece of meccano

I mentioned in a previous post I am reduced to printing on my Turnigy Fabrikator mini printer whatever I chose had to be small enough to be able to print on the 379 mm square area. I ended up printing a version of this one.

To get it to print on my printer I had to chop it in to several pieces. Then I used pieces of Meccano (Erector set) to rejoin the pieces. This will only be temporary because I will reprint the base part once my large printer is back online.

I have to say I am still impressed by the Turnigy printer. It did a great job of printing. I inserted the four bearings and they fitted the wheels perfectly, and adjusted for a 0.5 kg spool of filament it is very smooth.

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