Adventures in Bowden country

The parcel with my extruders arrived. When looking at the reviews of the various left and right-hand extruders I saw a lot of comments stating that pieces were missing or not right. Ordering on-line, my biggest worry is always “what if something is wrong and then I have to complain, wait, call, etc.”

Extruder with filament loaded
Extruder with lever to left

I thought I would get around this potential issue by ordering one of each extruder and to be on the safe side some extra nozzles now that I am switching filament sizes I would need some.

Well, something went wrong when I ordered them because I got three extruders and another hot end with heat sink and bowden tube it seem that the description and the package did not match in a good way.I looked carefully at the parts, and I could not tell the difference between the left-hand version and the right-hand version, I did some checking on-line and discovered that the only reason both is available is if you are using dual extruders.

Checking some more I found that I had three extruders with two identical to each other and the other just slightly different.

Ah, but I was not missing any parts!

I got my extruder motor and mounted all the pieces. The instructions were rubbish it was just six step-by-step pictures that had been printed on an ink jet or laser printer.

The hardest part was knowing which length of the screw went where. I used my Fabrikator mini’s extruder as a guide of what it should look like.

I noticed that on my Fabrikator mini there was a small piece that made catching the filament once it made it past the motor idler wheel much easier. Other changes I noticed was the teeth on the motor piece were deeper and it looked like adjustments to the tension actually did something. 






Bowden extruder pieces mock up
An alternative bowden extruder


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