The case of the odd sized display

I am going to make a case or box to fit the display, CPU and batteries. I started with the sales datasheet for the module and found that they are missing some important dimensions. Next I looked at the datasheet for the display and found it does not relate to the module. The task of creating the enclosure is difficult because of these two items. So I thought I would print a mock case. Having no sides seems the best method to see the topography of the module. It worked because I found the display has some high areas, that are not immediately obvious until it all snaps together.

The plastic is a mirror view of the module
Almost a mirror image

I made pins to friction fit in the holes for mounting. When I checked carefully everything was good except, I had the display window opening, up and to the right a bit too much. I adjusted the CAD file and will print another one. This one will have more height around the display’s long silver bar on left side, a narrower wall between the switches and the display and the window opening spanning further to the bottom left. I had a go at trying to modify the opening with a knife but realized it was too much. This can be seen by the small black box in the top left of the screen.

The display does not quite fit.
Small adjustment to side of display

Once the case has been proven, I will add the sides of the box. The module is meant to work with as a Raspberry Pi Hat. Using an E-paper display should be used with something that will not draw several Amps, (unless there is a specific cool factor) it should be something that is low power.

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