Ooo, look at my skirt.

The skirt was put together over the last few days

Dalek skirt
Foam board skirt

When I made Mini-Me one of the worst parts of putting the skirt together was the lack of edge to glue the pieces to each other.
Mini-Me had a brass tube frame to hold everything together in the skirt. This was not the best success; it held but there are cracks down the seams between skirt pieces.
For this new one, I cut out the the pieces of the skirt, then stuck foam board to each one as a backing and the foam board made the pieces thicker.
I also made interlocking flaps and tags so that the foam board went over the gap. The result is that the skirt feels much stronger and a little heavier.
Here are some pictures from different stages.

foam board
Skirt assembly
skirt assembly
insert flap A into slot B
gluing the skirt
waiting for glue to dry
assembled skirt
Skirt assembled

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