The plan (part1)


After making a Talkie Toaster I wanted to explore the idea of a moving prop again.

I have seen other people’s Daleks and I thought they were too large (in the ‘how do you get that through a door’ or ‘where can I put that’ kind of way).

So I felt that 1/2 scale was the way to go. (In some ways I wish that I had made my K-9 1/2 scale too.)
So I started by listing all the features I knew my Dalek had to have.

    Remote controlled drive train
    Ears that flashed when the Dalek spoke
    Rotating dome
    Eye stalk that moved up and down
    Gun arm that moved in a threatening way
    The unmistakable Dalek speech and attitude

This time I was going to make my own PCBs to control the Dalek. I was also going to make certain I had easy access to everything!!

Overall the cost to make it was $600. (included several one off charges like the PCBs that could be used in many projects).

And I like to call him  Mini-Me

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