Halloween project

In between working on my web page I have been looking at other peoples projects…..
I was trawling the pages of the Make magazine site and saw lots of projects to scare people. One in particular that caught my eye and it was built around a winbond 10 second voicecorder IC. I looked through my boxes and found enough parts to make my own mini Halloween project.
Total time taken 2 Sunday afternoons to make the electronics and one evening to record the sound bites into the voicecorder IC. I went to the grocery store and got a Candy bucket 99 cents
the parts were all parts left over from previous designs.

Candy bucket
Spooky candy bucket Halloween 2006

It works by covering a light dependant resistor (LDR) and a picaxe microcontroller
senses this and starts the next sound bite,The code is extremely simple. The downside to this method is the lighting in the room has to be just right and there is a slight delay before sound is heard.

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