Talkie Toaster

Would you like a piece of toast?

Talkie Toaster
A tea cake?

Talkie Toaster first appeared in Series 1 of Red Dwarf, and then again in Series 4. In both appearances it looked and sounded completely different.
In Series 1 it was in the form of an old style toaster, chrome with rounded edges. In Series 4 it was boxy and red, and had more dialogue. Mine was to be a mixture of the two with the look and voice of Series 1, and the attitude of Series 4.
When I dreamed up the idea to build a Talkie Toaster my plan was to find a toaster that looked like the one from the TV show, remove all the insides, and fill it with some electronics to make it talk. I wanted to build something for fun and have no moving parts to get bogged down with.

What makes Talkie Toaster a recognizable character?

  • The look of Talkie Toaster from Series 1
  • Characteristic sound and attitude
  • Front light that lights up in time with speech interactive speech and motion detection

Total cost would have been about $200-$250 except I reused some parts I had purchased previously.

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