Sacré bleu! Hockey fans, don’t look at this as it may offend

Hot off the heels of finishing the Book of Pure Evil I have started several new projects.
Here are some pictures of the start of one of my projects. It is going to be the DRD from Farscape that I have wanted to build for some time now.
I started by cutting off the aerodynamic parts of the helmet. The plastic used for the helmet was very easy to slice. I just used a sharp knife.

Hockey helmet cut
Cutting into hockey helmet

Then I removed all the screws (and wow there are a lot).
After that I sliced off the bottom of the helmet until it was flat and had no neck.
When the helmet is pulled apart it looks like this

A hockey helmet taken apart
Hockey helmet taken to pieces and lower edges cut

The left is the front and the right is the back of the DRD.
I covered this with plastic and then started laying some paper mâché over it. Just strips of newspaper dipped in glue.
Then I built out the rough shape and added some detail using bits of paper.
I covered it all in a mixture of dry wall mud, white glue and instant paper maché.
Now it is waiting for sanding before I move forward.

outline of features
Initial body outline

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