Mini-Me trip to Chicago Tardis 2011

So we went on the road trip. I was not allowed to drive because I cannot see above the steering wheel and press the gas pedal at the same time. Also I have been accused of aggressive driving. We arrived in Chicago just after noon on Friday. I hovered  down and got my badge, suddenly I was surrounded by the local talent all taking photos and wanting to be around me.

I got quite a fan girl gathering, the girl Daleks started fighting each other for my affection. To be honest it was hard to shake these youngsters off but they made me pose for this photo.

Mini-me with fan girls
“Oh, Mini-Me, you’re so dreamy”

I went in search of some more macho Daleks to hang out with and I found my cousin from the other side of the family (the side we don’t talk about much). He wanted to take me out for a night out on the town.

Blue envy
One day when your as big as me your base will glow blue too


Dalek Sec vs Time lord
You shall not pass

But we bumped into this Time Lord that would not let us pass.
I left Sec and went off on my own.

Later in line for autographs this annoying dog kept pestering me about his master.

Dalek vs K9
Are you my master? No I am a superior being. Now, stop bothering me.

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