This is your brain on Slurm

I got an email asking how my Bender was doing and if I had done any additional work.
I have and here is an update.

Bender head on body

compared to this

tube for body
Body size

I built up the body from the cylinder of card and used foam core to add ribs all around the body, giving the slope effect to the body, and insulating foam filler to fill the gaps. A cone shape of card covers the neck area.
Still trying to figure out what to do with the mouth area.

I wanted to try something different when doing Bender’s head and so I used Google Sketchup to make a dome the right shape and a plug-in to slice the image into a 4×4 shape.
Then I printed the shapes out and glued them on to foam core material.
This was the hardest part. I cut out the shapes in the foam core and slotted them together. I then get this sort of matrix shape.
The main issue I had was printing in scale, as it sort of changed size ever so slightly I think I managed to cover up the small anomalies okay. A side issue is that it is very difficult to get good detail out of this method.
Here is a close up of the head.

The next step will be to cover the head holes with paper mache and smooth them down.

a dome out of foam board
foam board dome

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