While waiting for the filler to dry on the DRD shell, I started to play around with the eye stalks.
I had been to my local home do-it store and I purchased some corrugated cable tubes that are used behind monitors or computers where the cables are neatly dressed together.

I also got some plastic electrical conduit pieces. The pieces have a nice bulge at the end that look about right. I cut the conduit down to a smaller size and these are going to be the basis of my DRDs eye stalk.

To give it some stiffness I added two plastic tubes from the plumbing section and finally a metal coat hanger wire to allow it to hold its shape.

Eye stalks
Electric eye

I have just glued some paper around the plastic and have added some detail to the end of eye stalk and then I need to sand and paint it.

Eye stalks
Making eye stalks

Here are the eye pieces with the paper and additional detail added. I got two LED flashlights from the dollar store. Both will be cut down as above from the original size to the one below.

Here is the lamp part of the flashlight added into the eye piece

Light inside eye stalk
Eye stalk with light

Not sure how I will do this yet, but I would like to attach the eye stalks so they will bob up and down by turning the servo.

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