Don’t bat an eye

Painted eye stalk
Eye stalk painted

I have been busy working on various parts of the DRD and I finally finished and painted the eyes and stalks.

For the lens pieces I got some Friendly Plastic beads and tried various methods of moulding the lens.
First attempt was with fingers. Wow, that stuff gets really hot.
The second attempt was by making a mould out of polymer clay. This worked better but no matter how much I tried, I could not get two curved surfaces with the same thickness, smoothness and the same curve,
My solution was to purchase a couple of ping pong balls and I cut a lens cover out of the surface.

I say it is a lens cover because ping pong balls are too thin to be used on their own, they need something else. I ended up using the Friendly Plastic beads and the ping pong lenses. I tried two ping pong ball lenses but that was still too bright.

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