You will be upgraded.

I decided to make some last minute changes to Mini Me before going to Chicago Tardis 2013, and as the convention Reversed Polarity was going to happen a few weeks beforehand it seemed like the perfect place to test out these upgrades

Upgrade 1) To make him have 3 wheels instead of 4, driving the 2 back wheels and having the 3rd like a shopping trolley style wheel.

Upgrade 2) To add a blue glow to go with this new mobility.

Upgrade Number 1

Was a matter of taking the Vex chassis out, removing the 2 front wheels, and replacing them with 1 wheel. Because of the arrangement of how the Vex is attached, this takes a long time and is hard on the arms (you have to hold the skirt from the inside and from the bottom while screwing and unscrewing).

blue Leds used to give hovering effect
Mini-Me with upgraded hover effect

Upgrade number 2

I added 10 AA batteries giving a total of approx 15 volts. I bought 2 x 50cm strips of blue LEDs and wired them in parallel. The strips need 12 volts. I tested them and found that they worked down to around 9 volts and were still reasonably bright. In the past I always used a 78xx type power supply but I had purchased some cheap (buck) switching power supply boards from offshore. I set it to 10.5 volts. This was great as there was very little heat and as far as I could tell very little current draw above the 200mA for the LEDs.

When I got to the convention we had mechanical difficulties and one motor was not working. He would drive about 2 feet and then not move. But at least the glow from his skirt looked good.


I was only there Friday night and Saturday and so I tried to do a quick (unsuccessful) repair to the motor late on Friday, only to pull a wire off my blue light power supply. So on Saturday he did not move and his base did not glow.

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