Winter is coming!

Yes I know it is an over used phrase.

But it is coming and I moved the 3d printer from it’s summer home (the garage) to it’s winter home (the basement).
I discovered that after printing for about 3 hours in the basement, the air is a bit stuffy even with the window open and a fan in the window. The beauty of the garage was that it was an open space; the negative was it was hot in summer and it would be cold when winter came.
So I thought I would try to create an extraction system for it (like a cooker hood).

I looked on line for fume extraction DIY style and all I could find was exaction fans for soldering irons. These seemed quite wimpy or in some cases very noisy.

Extractor fan
Extraction team one swarm swarm swarm,

Extraction on and ready!

I am not a HVAC engineer so there is no science behind this particular thing.  I just built it. The end result is I want it to remove fumes. It should not be permanent because I really do not want the window open all year around for security and heat reasons.

My only concern is that the motors are meant to be used vertically not horizontally.
I bought a window fan extractor for about $30 and hung it on the wall sitting on some shelf angle brackets I already had.
This is what stage one looked like. Then I built a hood around it.

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