A hood for all seasons

Extractor fan with hood
Ready for sucking

I measured and cut foam board to go around the fan, then I got the glue gun out and glued it together.
I added weather stripping to the edge so turbulent air inside the hood would not blow down.
I got some drier hose and connected it into the hood.
Looking like a giant slinky, it sits on top of the hood with the window end propped against the wall.

When it is time to extract fumes I put the window end into the sliding window. The idea is that it is put in the window and the window slides shut jamming it in the window.
I made the window end by cutting some hardboard a little smaller than the open window space. For some extra insulation I glued some foam board to it. I also added some more  weather stripping so that there are no cracks when the window is slid closed.
So far when placed in the window there does not seem to be much of a drop in temperature in the room or at the 3d printer though it’s hard to tell because it is not winter and not minus 30 degrees C outside. Noise level is good.

Will have to wait and see. Now I can get back to some printing.

Extractor fan in use
Ready for action

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