Rule Britannia

Continuing with the dome that I sliced horizontally into 3 pieces.

The tip, the middle and lower sections.
Then I cut the lower section vertically into 2-4inch segments.
Because it is a dome I needed support and I chose to print it upside down so I would get a smooth edge on the bottom edge of the dome.
Finally when designing the 3d model I included the union jack to see if how it would print.
Here are some pictures of the dome front section.

Printed view
Front view

The part is upside down and this is the front view of the dome

Upside down dome segment
Not a piano or a park bench

Still upside down but the back view

Correct side up
Correct side up





This is the front view again but rotated to be right side up

No support
No support

This is with the support removed. At first I did not realise that the Union Jack actually was there. I had to remove a secondary section of support material that was over the Union Jack.
This is my first time with support material and it leaves small indentations that I will need to fix.

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