North wind really blows

It has been a really cold winter and and I put my 3d printer to good use.
We have an open plan house and the house faces north. Of course when the wind blows there is a draught that comes from the front door and garage.
Aha! a practical use for the 3d printer.
We went down to Ikea and got a set of long drapes and a rod to put them on.
We chose to hang the rod at the entrance to the hall thus keeping any cold from the garage or front door isolated from the living area.
The walls are not parallel to each other so I had to design a rod holder that would fit flat on a wall and in a corner of two walls

I used Tinkercad to design these.
I measured the rod and used cylinders to make a rod opening.
Because the rod is extendible the holder opening for one rod is smaller than the other.
I was concerned because the print is made of layers that if we pulled on the curtain the extra weight would cause the layers to split and bring down the rod.
To prevent this, I added a box under the rod holder opening
Took about an hour to create and about 2 hours 25 minutes. I printed at 30%.
Finally I added some abs slurry which added more strength to the layers.
Holes were added for mounting screws.

Designed in Tinkercad
Fits between two walls, one is flat the other a corner







Rod holder for corner wall
Corner wall
Rod holder for flat wall
Flat wall
Curtains and rod holders
The curtains ready for action

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