Too cold to print

I am off printing for a week or two as we are at -21 centigrade outside (with wind chill -33), The forecasters say this cold air is going to stay for awhile.

I was printing the other day and when I finished printing I turned my extractor ventilating fan off. I found that the temperature has dropped down to 17 degrees very quickly, I quickly removed the vent from the window and closed it. The room is normally around 21 to 23 centigrade. It got so cold that it was difficult to keep the bed temperature from not dropping (and my pieces becoming unstuck).
At first I tried card cut into pieces. It worked but it did not look very elegant. Now I have switched to using some cork cut into strips. This helps to prevent the heat going straight up through the vent.
With the bed off and the fan off, the cold air was coming in though the vent. I did not expect this to be the case because where it vents to outside is in a sheltered area.

I will probably use the time to design something else or cleaning up the work bench

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