Octoprint (OctoPi) a quick testdrive

I have been reading a lot of buzz about Octoprint recently. It is basically a web server on the raspberry Pi with only one major function to interface to the 3d printer.
I have been using Pronterface to output to my 3d printer since I first got my 3d printer running. It has worked well up to now.
While it was too cold to 3d print, a short while ago I decided that I should reconfigure my Raspberry Pi to install Octoprint and see if I should change over to Octoprint

I loaded the Octoprint iso on to an SD card. I used a Raspberry Pi B+ for this experiment.

An interesting feature of Octoprint is that it allows adding a webcam to the Raspberry Pi and do a time lapse of your print either by a set period of time or on layer change.

I started by configuring the Pi with a password and user name.
I came across my first issue. Somehow by default it was picking up the wrong port.
Instead of ACM0 there was 1 character different it took me a while to realise it was not right. After resolving this then I connected to the printer. X,Y and home yes, it moved the carriages etc.
OK, now I want to see the webcam worked. Nothing, no video. Tried another web cam, still nothing. These web cams had all worked in my desktop Linux.
So I then started trawling through the help. I found the issue was that only some web cams are supported. Fine, I grabbed yet another web cam and plugged it in, success.
I then ran around the house trying to view http://:8080/?=snapshot or stream. Success. I tried it on my other computers and devices and I was excited I could see into the basement.
There was no time to continue; I had to continue the next day.
Well, the next day I started up the Pi and went to my devices, went to the stream web page – NOTHING, no video. I spent quite a bit of time scratching my head and muttering “but it worked yesterday”.
Next day I tried again; no video on my devices but there was video on the control screen page.

At this point I gave up trying to view on other computers and I chose to print. I found a simple item I could print and it would test the printing experience.

I could see the web cam on the control interface but just not the streaming interface elsewhere, so the camera was working I just figured it must be my network.
The print went well and the time lapse looks great. If only the printer could go that fast in real life.

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